20 best home design apps for house interior design in 2021

Sustainable home interior design

(Image credit: Lapuan Kankurit)

Fast fashion is hot topic. People are starting to think more about where all our bags full of clothes actually come from and what they are made of. And, the same goes for what we buy for our homes. The hunt for sustainable furniture and the want to create an eco friendly house or living space, is on, as many of us are trying to shop more sustainably, and the great news is that more and more retailers are offering a selection of eco home interiors too. 

Top tips to nod to this (forever) trend is to choosing furniture made from natural materials that have been sustainably sourced. Timber, bamboo and the likes all have a low environmental footprint, look out for the FSC logo. And to reduce yours further, keep an eye out for furniture that has been made locally, and for products made from recycled materials – think rugs made from plastic bottles. 


As the name evidently implies, minimalist interior designers are truly simple, low-key, and unfussy. They thrive on the principle that goes like; “less is more” so they take some of the best and simplest modern designs and simplify them even further

While not technically an established design style, we list it because it’s a style people look for. There are styles that are minimalist such as modern and midcentury design styles.

Minimal interior styles and designs consist of ultra-clean lines and streamlined furnishings that have nothing flamboyant or glitzy about them. They also pick on-air and neutral color palettes that provide a great sense of warmth and coolness to the eyes.

The minimalist trend is believed to have been started sometime during the twentieth century and was initially influenced by the super simple and delicate Japanese designs. Modern minimalist interior designers always make use of black, white, and primary colors. Their designs are truly simplistic and nothing less than work of art.

The home bar

(Image credit: Malcolm Menzies Future)

We’ve been enjoying drinks indoors for quite some time now, pre and post-pandemic. And although lockdown restrictions have eased up a little, a home bar is still a must in every home this year and beyond. Indoors, this is a practical and very Gatsby-like addition, – depending on which you go for – think bar carts, cocktails chairs and plenty of neon signs…While if you want something that feels more like a beach club, this is a great garden idea and one of the coolest ways to unwind. 

Check out our pick of the best bar carts if you are feeling inspired to embrace this trend. 

Transitional Interior Design

Transitional interior design style is an elusive style that spans multiple styles tying traditional or long-standing styles together with modern or contemporary design elements. It’s extremely popular right now among designers. In fact, it’s very easy to confuse contemporary with transitional and in fact for both types it’s often easy to argue a particular interior design is one or the other.

Transitional interior design elements include:

  • Curved furnishings with straight-lined lacquered finishes,
  • Limited use of accessories,
  • Use of impactful art as focal points,
  • Neutral color palette, and
  • Textural elements such as wood, glass, lacquer, rattan, fabric, steel and metal.

Check out our vast gallery featuring transitional designs. Click button above.

Blue is the new grey

(Image credit: Katie Lee)

Yep, we said it, we never thought it would happen but our love for grey has been pushed out by blue! And if you don’t believe us, believe Pantone. Not to boast or anything, but we did have a sneaky suspicion that the Pantone Colour of the Year 2020 was going to be blue. It felt like it was time for a blue. The 2020 colour is called Classic Blue, and it’s just that: a classic blue. It’s clean and elegant but also really uplifting so works perfectly in a living room and (in comparison to the last few years) it’s a really easy colour to incorporate into most parts of your home. 

For loads of blue room ideas to get you inspired, check out our feature. 

Concealed kitchens

(Image credit: Hub Kitchens)

You may have already had the ingenious idea to disguise a pantry behind an integrated cabinet door or integrate your fridge into a kitchen unit, but have you considered concealing your entire kitchen?  Yep, that’s a thing now, and it’s become a huge design trend in the world of kitchen ideas this year. 

With living spaces getting smaller and storage getting smarter, clean, minimalist kitchens are getting increasingly popular. Items that once cluttered worktops – kettles, plug sockets, knife blocks, even taps and sinks – can now disappear into flush cabinets and uninterrupted surfaces to make the most of all space available. Nifty no? Perfect for open plan kitchen diners or for small kitchen design, they are great for creating a streamlined look in a contemporary kitchen, too.

Crittall style windows and doors

(Image credit: Crittal)

Crittall-style windows have been staging a comeback and those dreamy black frames have been filling up our Pinterest pages for the last few months. But we are now seeing them used not just as windows and doors, but for extensions, room dividers and even shower screens. We can easily see why everyone is obsessed with them in the home interior design world – the graphic look definitely taps into the industrial trend that’s still going strong, plus they are great way to bring a ton of light into a space. 

Have a read through our buyer’s guide to metal doors and windows to get this look spot on. 

Back to the ’70s

(Image credit: Swoon Editions)

So we can see that warmer colours, like oranges, yellows, and even rusty reds are rising up between the greige, plus house plants, terrazzo, leopard print, FRINGING, it is all getting a bit ’70s. This retro feel is starting to feel a bit cooler and dare we say starting to replace Mid-century modern and maybe even Boho style interiors? 

Personally, we can’t see ourselves wallpapering our bathrooms in orange and brown floral wallpaper anytime soon but there are still a few hints of nostalgia in the colours, shapes and textures that we can definitely get on board with. Check out our favourite retro geometric walls and wallpaper design ideas for inspiration.

Contemporary Home Decor Style

Contemporary design style is often confused with modern design style… usually references to modern are in fact contemporary design.

Contemporary design is current design which includes open spaces, plenty of light, straight lines, plenty of glass, settel and wood and in some cases unusual layouts.

Elements of contemporary  design:

  • Open spaces or open floor plans,
  • Unusual layouts,
  • Use of natural light,
  • Neutral colors,
  • Metal accent pieces,
  • Textured and natural fabric,
  • Very light or very dark wood tones, and
  • Lighting design used as an artistic statement.

Contemporary designers create designs that are more fluid, in the sense that they are according to the current, trending styles; however, they don’t resort to a particular style or design. These designers also have a great sense of what’s currently in style so their designs are constantly evolving and carry a very modern touch to them.

In today’s time, contemporary interior designs include unadorned spaces that appear to be super clean and classic, along with furniture that is exposed from its legs to create more space. As stylish and modern contemporary designs may be, they are yet super elegant with intricate details kept to a minimum.

Users Review

  • I love it!!

    I love this app it is wonderful, I can design and that is what I live to do, i can design any room I can think of. I would maybe like to make 1 suggestion of adding and option for exterior design also that would make the app just a bucket load of fun!!

  • The perfect assistant to the Floorplanner

    I can’t imagine my working life without the desktop floorplanner and the App! I LOVE THIS APP. Because I can just upload my rendered empty rooms and design different layouts for my clients in an EASY and FAST way, when I am in the metro or lining up for my coffee. One word: AWESOME!

  • It’s amazing

    This game is amazing because go get to design a room of your Choice, everything is free and it is amazing quality. I totally recommend this game to everyone.

  • Hooray! It’s back

    We are real estate professionals in South Florida.This has always been the easiest to use and most effective virtual design software. Homestyler is our first choice when staging. It helps Buyers visualize what the space can become. You made my day today when I found this back in the App Store. Hooray!

  • Senoria

    I’m a retired designer that works sometimes with friends and associates. I enjoy this app because it keeps me active and all creative juices flow. I’m so glad I’ve downloaded Homestyler, you’ve even added more rooms and scenery. Thanks so much!!! Keep up the good work of improving, with all Sincerity


    I made a review a while ago and I asked if they can add some more stuff and they did. Thank you so much for this app and add more things every once in a while it is awsome.

  • Favorite App

    I have always loved to design interiors, but I haven’t been able to fine an app that could really allow me to be creative. Until, I found this app.Praise to creators for the constant update dates, floor plans, and furniture! Definitely 5 stars!

  • Very relaxing

    Great fun designing your own rooms from photos or empty spaces provided.My favorite home design app.

  • Fantastic! !

    Absolutely Love Homestyler!I have been using it for a couple years and the recent improvements are fantastic!

  • Love!!!

    Truly enjoy this app! Great variety of materials and design products.Many templates to choose from.I can spend hours enjoying this app

  • Great all around

    It cost you no money, and has great features, like customizing your OWN rooms, you can take picture and put things in it, try it out.Now other design games can cost you a lot of money, but this one is completely free! It’s great.It has amazing rooms to choose from and categorizes the decorations, or you could just search them.

  • Why I love this game

    This game is really good because you make any time of room you want. You can even make a little bathroom and living room. It tells you to put your password in but everyone has to do that.

Возможности приложения для ПК

Пользователи должны стать настоящими профессиональными дизайнерами. Здесь вы найдете большой выбор разнообразной мебели, множество вариантов отделки, рекомендации и интересные задания. И это еще не все, что предлагает Home Design 3D.

Полезно знать!
Приложение предлагает нам два режима, где первый предусматривает проезд по сельской местности, а второй просто бесплатное строительство. Выбирая первый вариант, нужно выполнять разные задачи, например, обустроить конкретный дом, офис, квартиру или шале по определенным критериям или стилю. В бесплатном режиме никаких ограничений нет, ремонт можно делать так как хочешь.

Полезно знать!
В настройках приложения вы можете активировать специальные советы по дизайну, советы по правильной расстановке мебели, света и рекомендации по сочетанию цветов.

Mid-Century Modern Design Style

Midcentury style is a package deal. While some homes can have a different exterior style to the interior, that doesn’t really work with midcentury. The midcentury home must be midcentury outside and inside.

It’s a distinct look with clean lines, sparsely furnished, often not terribly large (but can be) and of course give off the 1950’s and 1960’s nostalgic look.

I had the privilege to do a driving tour of midcentury homes in Palm Springs and even managed to check out some open houses of a few midcentury homes. They are definitely cool.

These interior designers take you back to the 1900s with some of the most iconic interior styles and designs. Mid-century modern interior designers offer you a unique blend of minimalism and a kind of an ancient retro look. The main theme followed by these designers is “fussy-free” which is usually accompanied by crisp, simple lines, rusty metals, a lot of wood, subtle silhouettes and hues of blues and greens.

These designs are believed to be a break-free from traditional design conventions that have taken a direct plunge into the modern era.

Some typical designs adopted by mid-century modern interior designers include simple fabrications, pared-down forms, molded plastic plywood, and natural-shaped furniture like an egg-shaped chair, for instance. Their styles and designs are often somewhere along the lines of ‘contemporary’ and are super versatile, which makes the transition simply flawless.

Modern Interior Style

Modern style for interiors is more popular in the media than in real life. I think people appreciate the look of it and it’s definitely cool, but when it comes to living in the more austere design, people opt for warmer home decor styles such as rustic, cottage or traditional.

Nevertheless, builders and architects are incorporating modern elements to many homes which is kind of cool; but moderating it with materials, angles and lines that add warmth.

Key attributes of modern interior design style include:

  • Absence of ornament,
  • Intentional asymmetry,
  • No clutter or chaos,
  • Neutrals with primary colors and bold color contrasts,
  • Geometric-patterned or plain area rugs,
  • Furniture pieces have clean lines and basic shapes, made of materials like metal, chrome, or glass and are streamlined with polished, smooth and sleek surfaces,
  • Art, rather than accessories, and
  • Open floor plans

Modern interior designers are also described as super “sleek” since they have an unparalleled love for simple palettes and designs that are often coupled with clean, crisp angles, and lines. They absolutely hate clutter and always strive towards removing extraneous objects from the picture.

Their designs are fresh, elegant and have a sense of simplicity in every style that they create. Unlike contemporary designers, they love adorning spaces; however, they do it with such skill and subtlety that you won’t even realize there is something “extra” in the design.

Modern interior designs also include elements and materials that provide you with an overall warm and comforting feel without being too loud or bold. One of the most distinctive characteristics of these interior designers is their tendency to use monochrome palettes. Black and white are usually their go-to colors, often with hints of other primary colors like blue, yellow and red.

Как установить Home Design 3D на ПК

Просто загрузите программное обеспечение BlueStacks 5 и следуйте инструкциям. Утилита основана на механизме создания виртуальной операционной системы Android на жестком диске ПК. Вы можете скачать и установить мобильную программу в новой гостевой операционной системе.

После завершения установки программы вы должны запустить ее с рабочего стола и сделать следующее:

  1. Сразу после запуска пользователям требуется авторизация. Это можно сделать с помощью вашей учетной записи Google.
  2. В главном меню программы найдите строку для просмотра магазина, введите исходное название приложения и нажмите Enter на клавиатуре.
  3. Выберите проект из списка найденных.
  4. Программа автоматически «переведет» пользователя на исходную страницу проекта в Маркете. Теперь загрузите приложение на свой компьютер, нажав кнопку установки.
  5. Дождитесь уведомления об успешном завершении установки, затем запустите проект с ПК.

Two toned kitchen cabinets

(Image credit: Fritz Fryer)

Say goodbye to stark white kitchens, colour is definitely creeping in (again). And not just one colour, oh no, we’ve been seeing a huge trend in painting kitchen cabinets in two different colours. Crazy stuff we know. A frequent iteration of the look includes using a darker colour for the lower cabinets and a lighter shade for shelves and cabinets that sit higher up. Think creamy, neutral coloured cabinets above and a darker, dramatic colour for the lower cabinets.

And if a bold paint colour isn’t quite your vibe you can also get those look using contrasting materials. What we love about this trend is you can make it work for pretty much any style kitchen, from super modern to a traditional Shaker. 

You can easily DIY this kitchen trend yourself, just check out our guide to painting kitchen cupboards. 

Scandinavian Interior Design

Important design elements:

  • Predominantly white,
  • Bright colors combine with the main white color,
  • Large mirrors,
  • Principles of symmetry,
  • Furniture pieces are functional and stylish but not too trendy and contemporary,
  • Use of light colored wood and warm colors, and
  • Light wood flooring dressed up with rugs in subtle color.

Inspired by the simple lifestyles in the Nordic countries, Scandinavian interior designers provide timeless interior designs and styles that are greatly characteristic of the fjords, snow, and mountains found in those countries.

Their designs are a true representation of pared-back coziness, a myriad of textures and some clean, refined lines. They are a beautiful work of art, but always so simple and subtle. Scandinavian designs are big on space, fewer accessories, natural light flowing in, and minimal furniture that serves some purpose.

This take on the interior style and design follows the “Bauhaus principles” that make use of fluid lines, all-white color palettes, wide plank flooring and a strong focus on object proportions. The designers also ensure that they use playful accent colors, organic materials and gentle contours. Scandinavian designs are best described as modern, practical and uncomplicated.

Traditional Decor Style

Traditional interior design style stems from a variety of old-school European styles and together are now referred to as “traditional”. Elements of this design include:

  • Reflects classic European decor,
  • Elaborate moldings and wood paneling,
  • Built-in cabinetry,
  • Elegant furnishings and antique pieces,
  • Pairings of furniture and accessories,
  • Neutral palette with vibrant colors for furniture and accent pieces,
  • Expensive textiles like silk, velvet, cashmere or comfy fabrics like cotton or linen, and
  • Intricate tile and wood floor patterns

Our traditional home decor style guide includes an extensive photo gallery that includes all rooms of the home.

Traditional interior designers are those that are heavily influenced and inspired by the old European décor that gained popularity, particularly during the 18th and the 19th century. They are big on heavy furniture and fittings that are still very stylish and elegant.

This type of interior designing is perfect for those who love decorations and styles that a have rich history behind them for instance, classic art pieces, antique elements, and symmetrical objects.

Some key markers or features of the traditional interior designs include rich tones, dark woods, and sophisticated colors. The most distinctive feature is that the walls are often painted with neutral colors so that the furniture and decorative accents can be highlighted. The ‘traditionalist’ also loves creating intricate architectural details like wood paneling, coffered ceilings, in-built cabinetry, etc.

One of the most vital aspects about traditional interior design is ‘symmetry’ which means that everything from sofas to lamps to accessories has to be in pairs. The underlying idea behind this is that there should be a balanced space centered on a focal point, which is usually the television, a decorative art piece or the fireplace.

Design FAQ

What is the most popular decor style for interiors?

It actually varies by room.  We analyzed hundreds of thousands of interiors and put together a massive collection of design statics here.  If you want a sense of which styles are more popular, check out all those articles (plenty of charts and tables breaking down the design data).

Can you combine different decor styles in the same room?

Yes, absolutely but it requires some skill.  Often interior designers will incorporate aspects of two or more decor styles in the same room.  Many established styles are a result of multiple other styles.

Can you use multiple design styles in different rooms in the same house?

Again, yes you can but you don’t want to go too crazy.  I believe it’s better to be consistent throughout the room so if you wish to combine styles, do so equally in each room. For example, you don’t want a rustic kitchen next to an ultra-modern living room. That would look very odd.

Related: 32 Home Architectural Styles – this explains the different architectural styles for homes as they appear on the outside.

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Farmhouse Interior Design Style

Farmhouse is similar to country or rustic design styles except that it’s typically lighter, incorporates some shabby-chic, enjoys plenty of natural wood and gives an aura of a cozy feel.

Main style elements:

  • All white look,
  • Dominant fireplace,
  • Large kitchen and dining place,
  • Open shelves and cabinets,
  • “Company” parlor and “family” sitting room,
  • Cozy fabrics, natural materials and textiles,
  • Vintage, reclaimed or heritage accessories,
  • Vintage, shabby chic furniture with a rustic flair,
  • Tongue-and-groove paneling, shiplap and butt boards,
  • Even ceilings with exposed reclaimed beams,
  • Barn doors,
  • No to glass, and
  • Wide plank floors.

Похожие приложения

  • Planner 5D — Home & Interior Design Creator — это функциональное приложение, которое помогает пользователям создавать макеты комнат, дизайн интерьера, планы (включая планы этажей любой сложности), а также ландшафтный дизайн. Он подходит для «повседневного» использования в том случае, когда необходимо прикинуть, что и как он будет выглядеть, если вы сделаете ремонт и так далее, а также для профессиональной деятельности людей, которые зарабатывают на жизнь такими услугами.
  • iCanDesign — отличный виртуальный планировщик интерьера, который поможет вам создать уникальный дизайн для любой комнаты за несколько минут. С ним справится даже начинающий пользователь, все кнопки удобно расположены, а элементы интерьера легко перемещаются одним касанием пальца. Здесь всегда есть возможность выбрать из огромной коллекции представленных дизайнерских решений, которая постоянно пополняется.

Beach/Nautical Style

In my view the beach style should be reserved for houses on the beach. It’s kind of odd to have a nautical themed home in the burbs. This style includes light colors with splashes of bright colors such as navy blue and even bright colors, loads of natural light (i.e. windows), nautical accessories such as rope, dark wood and other items found on boats and wicker or rattan furniture.

  • Light and breezy,
  • Nautical-themed decor,
  • All white backdrop; borrow colors from sand, surf and shells;
  • Décor crafted from natural fibers and organic materials,
  • Wickers tools, rattan furniture and beds with a natural oak frame, and
  • Window coverings

Nautical interior designs are best described as positive, warm, and relaxing. The primary reason is that they always make you feel like you are near the ocean. Interior designers who follow the nautical theme typically make use of elements like sea creatures, ships, and anchors. Their color palettes are also full of those that you would see on the beach, which is why the nautical style is also referred to as the “beach-inspired” look.

These designers strive towards making your home truly comfortable by using an abundance of white, blue, and sand-colored foundations, along with inexpensive wooden furniture and hues of oceanic blue.

Some key characteristics of nautical designs include chic linen upholstery for lounges, unfinished wood used in chairs and tables, and sea-inspired decorative accents like jute ropes, seashells and rowing oars.

Обзор пользователей

  • Я люблю это!!

    Мне нравится это приложение, оно замечательное, я могу проектировать, и это то, чем я живу, я могу создать любую комнату, о которой только подумаю. Возможно, я хотел бы сделать 1 предложение о добавлении и опции для внешнего дизайна, что сделало бы приложение просто забавным!

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    Мы профессионалы в сфере недвижимости в Южной Флориде. Это всегда было самым простым и эффективным программным обеспечением для виртуального дизайна. Homestyler — наш первый выбор при постановке. Это помогает покупателям визуализировать, каким может быть пространство. Вы сделали мой день сегодня, когда я нашел это в App Store. Ура!

  • Senoria

    Я бывший дизайнер, который иногда работает с друзьями и коллегами. Мне нравится это приложение, потому что оно поддерживает меня в активном состоянии и все творческие соки текут. Я так рад, что скачал Homestyler, вы даже добавили больше комнат и декораций. Спасибо!!! Продолжайте в том же духе улучшения, со всей искренностью


    сделал обзор некоторое время назад, и я спросил, могут ли они добавить еще кое-что, и они сделали. Большое спасибо за это приложение и добавляйте больше вещей время от времени, это потрясающе.

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    Мне всегда нравилось проектировать интерьеры, но я не смог найти приложение, которое действительно позволило бы мне быть креативным. Пока я не нашел это приложение. Хвала создателям за постоянные даты обновления, планы этажей и мебель! Определенно 5 звезд!

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    Большое удовольствие, создавая свои собственные комнаты из фотографий или предоставленных пустых мест. Моё любимое приложение для домашнего

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    Абсолютно люблю Homestyler! Я использую его пару лет, и недавние улучшения просто фантастические!

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  • Отлично все вокруг

    Это не стоит вам денег и имеет отличные функции, такие как индивидуальная настройка ваших собственных комнат, вы можете сфотографировать и положить в них вещи, попробовать. Теперь другие дизайнерские игры могут стоить вам много денег, но эта совершенно бесплатная! Это замечательно. У него есть удивительные комнаты на выбор и они классифицируют украшения, или вы можете просто искать их.

  • Почему я люблю эту игру

    Эта игра действительно хороша, потому что вы делаете в любое удобное для вас время. Вы даже можете сделать небольшую ванную комнату и гостиную. Он говорит вам, чтобы ввести свой пароль, но каждый должен это сделать.

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